The trails to Willis Palms, Pushawalla, Hidden Palms, Indian Palms and Horseshoe Palms can always be accessed via the trailheads on Thousand Palms Canyon Road and Ramon Road. These trails are currently open.

The parking Lot,  McCallum Trail, Moon Country and Herman’s Hike  will reopen for the season on October 21, 2020. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND WALK IN.

This is a day use area. No overnight camping. 



Please don’t:

  • Light campfires or light up a cigarette.
  • Collect anything including rocks, flowers or plants.
  • Stray off marked trails … open desert hiking is not allowed.
  • Bring your mountain bike or any other vehicle, motorized or not.
  • Leave anything behind, including abandoned pets or geocaches.
  • Swim or wade in any of the ponds or creeks.

Please do:

  • Hike on one of our many hiking trails. 
  • Collect photographs of our scenery, plants and wildlife.
  • Enjoy birdwatching.
  • Check out our geology and look for fault features of the San Andreas Fault.
  • Look for (but don’t touch) a variety of reptiles and mammals.



We rely on your donations. Your generosity helps to keep the Preserve open to the public. Please visit us here to donate.