Thousand Palms Oasis
in the 

Coachella Valley Preserve

Coachella Valley Preserve (Palm Oasis) – Palm Desert, CA

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Can Ducks Eat Dog Food?

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The Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve has 880 acres and is contiguous with other conserved areas that are collectively known as the Coachella Valley Preserve System.

Tucked into the northern edge of the Indio Hills, the Preserve offers sweeping views of the Little San Bernardino Mountains and the southern edge of Joshua Tree National Park.

Acquisition Type:
The Center for Natural Lands Management owns the Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve.  We protect and manage species and habitats on the preserve in perpetuity.

Key Habitats:
Freshwater Aquatic / Wetland, Desert Sand Dunes, Palm Woodland Oasis, Desert Wash, Desert Scrub, and Desert Riparian.

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