Do you like and enjoy flowers? A lot of women find them to be feminine and cute, as well as romantic gestures of showing emotion. If you want to know more about flowers that are out there, beginning with the letter H, keep on reading! You’ll be surprised and amazed by their beauty and variety.


1. Which Flowers Start With The Letter H?

There are loads of different kinds of flowers, shrubs, trees or fruits that start with the letter H. Some are generally known when it comes to their name, others are also known under their Latin translation. In this article, expect to find the following flowers and information on them:

  • Hypericum
  • Hydrangea
  • Honeysuckle
  • Hibiscus
  • Hellebore
  • Helenium
  • Heather
  • Heavenly bamboo
  • Hebe flower
  • Heliotrope
  • Hepatica
  • High mallow
  • Hollow root
  • Hollyhock
  • Horned violet
  • Hosta flower
  • Hyacinth
  • Hybrid tuberous begonia
  • Henbane
  • Hardy primrose

2. How To Take Care Of Flowers?

Each flower is unique in its own way. You should adjust and cater your approach based on the kind of flower that you have in your home or in your back garden. Here are some simple steps to do:

  • Clean the vase every day
  • Fill it with lukewarm water
  • Remove any foliage that will sit below the waterline
  • Trim about 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle

If you plan on plating a flower, you should:

  • Keep the plant moist but never overwater it
  • Go for a bright location but without a lot of suns
  • If a flower opens, carefully remove the yellow anthers
  • Remove any dead flowers or leaves at the right moment so the flower doesn’t bend

3. What You Need For At-home Maintenance?

Most at-home maintenance tools and approach options are pretty simple and easy to do. You don’t have to have a lot of tools to keep your flowers alive. If you have several minutes to spare on a daily, you’re going to enjoy the process of maintenance and keeping your flowers alive.  In most cases, you will need:

  • A shovel
  • Fresh soil
  • Canister
  • Freshwater
  • Rakes
  • Scissors

Top 20 Flowers That Start With H

1. Hypericum Flower

Hypericum Flower
Image Source:@poubloncharleschristian

Hypericum flower in yellow is so fun and the most common summer flower! Do you enjoy its shine? The Hypericum is a in some countries a fall product but is now year-round available. It can look gorgeous when combined with different floral options. Ask your florist for some tips and tips when it comes to bringing this specie to life!

The plant has leafy stems that are 24 to 36 inches in length and has round berries in clusters at the top.

2. Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangea Flower
Image Source:@nettasflowers

Hydrangea will look so good when planted in your garden. It is not too high-maintenance as a flower either. The hydrangea blooming season depends upon the type and cultivar as well as your planting zone. You can find it on every continent. You will enjoy it subtle scent, as well as the fact that the flower is low-maintenance as well as quite practical to have. Most of your friends or neighbours probably already have Hydrangea at their homes.

There are around 70-75 species of hydrangea.

3. Honeysuckle Flower

Honeysuckle Flower
Image Source:@iriklovesphotography

Honeysuckle is such an unusual flower. You’ll be amazed by its beauty. Climbing honeysuckles can be deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen, depending on the variety. All honeysuckles will grow in most soil types but prefer a well-drained, humus-rich soil. Despite its funny or unusual name, most people do know about this flower, and they refer to it this way instead of its Latin pronounce.

Honeysuckle is a plant that is sometimes called “woodbine.”

4. Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower
Image Source:@floralflourish

This light pink hibiscus looks so cute and simple. If you like flowers that are gentle and not too extravagant you’re going to like this one. You can also use this flower as a tea flavor, which is one of the most popular, common and gentle solutions used in old-school type of medicine. Hibiscus is a soft flower with a simple scent to it that you’re going to love, as well its light pale color for at-home decorating purposes.

Hibiscus develops large, trumpet-shaped flower without scent.

5. Hellebore Flower

Hellebore Flower
Image Source:@beesandpots

Hellebore flower is an unusual yet stunning flower that will show its full beauty in the fall! Hellebores can be planted in the spring or fall. Some species are slow to develop and may require two seasons before they bloom. If you enjoy unusual and truly unique kinds, this beauty will suit you. It has that unique renaissance vibe and a lot of monochrome colors that will attract looks.

Helleborus species are most highly concentrated along the Mediterranean Sea.

6. Helenium Flower

Helenium Flower
Image Source:@flowerpowerlondon

Helenium flower is so popular in our gardens, believe it or not. It is an upright clumping perennial wildflower that grows 3 to 5 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. Native to both North America and Europe, you’re going to love it in your surroundings. If you want something that is easy to plant but will attract a lot of attention, this beauty is it!

Helenium is a genus of about 40 species in the family Asteraceae, native to the Americas.

7. Heather Flower

Heather Flower
Image Source:@fotografemelinaforsberg

Heather flower is common in most places of the world. The heather flower appears in mid-summer to mid fall on this low growing ground cover shrub. It enjoys sandy, thick and earthy base or soil. This shrub and its simple appearance will easily blend with most of your bouquets.

Heather flowers bloom in late summer.

8. Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo
Image Source:@jamesofjapan

Cute pink pop and an unusual bamboo flower that is not your typical go-to. You’ll enjoy this in your backyard for that pop and unique vibe that is rare to find. Shorter cultivars of heavenly bamboo plants, such as Wood’s Dwarf and Harbour Dwarf, usually reach about 18 inches 45.5 cm.)

Heavenly bamboo is native to China, Japan, and India.

9. Hebe Flower

Hebe Flower
Image Source:@the_little_end_cottage

Purple flower such as this one will add beauty to any garden. Make sure that you pair it along with some yellow or white flowers as well to round up your preferred bouquet. While the flowers are pretty, some species are grown for their foliage. Most grow around 1-1.5m high and wide, with a naturally rounded shape and small, dense leaves.

Did you know that Hebe is a genus of plants native to New Zealand?

10. Heliotrope Flower

Heliotrope Flower
Image Source:@jjcolbourne

A flower or more-so a shrub that you’re going to like at any point during the year, as well as its elegance! A fun and helpful tip: If you want to grow heliotrope as a houseplant, use a standard garden pot with a top rim diameter of 18 inches.

Small, shrub-like plants, heliotrope flowers grow from 1 to 4 feet high (0.5 to 1 m.).

11. Hepatica Flower

Hepatica Flower
Image Source:@flowers_beauty2021

Such a unique flower! Add a pop of blue and enjoy this floral beauty when having it in your home and in a vase. The dark green, glossy foliage is smooth and leathery with dense hairs on the undersides of the leaves. Also, it has star-shaped flowers on hairy stems that pop in early spring – typically in mid-April through mid-May before the trees leaf out.

Hepatica was once used as a medicinal herb.

12. High Mallow Flower

High Mallow Flower
Image Source:@b_still_photos

Plant this purple/white flower in your home and plant it yourself. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, mallow flower extract is especially helpful for treating acne and skin irritation. This is why you can find it in a lot of skincare or makeup products. It is not overpowering and it won’t cause irritation or breakouts.

The plant is considered to be a guardian of a house.

13. Hollow Root Flower

Hollow Root Flower
Image Source:@waldesrauschen_naturephotography

Cute outdoor plant that you will spot outside and out in the nature. This flower is also known as  Corydalis cava. This gorgeous beauty can grow 24-36 in. (60-90 cm). If you like softer flowers and truly feminine options, this will suit you.

You’ll find this purple flower in most parts of Europe.

14. Hollyhock Flower

Hollyhock Flower
Image Source:@missmadalinesdahlias

Find this beauty in its full blossom mid-summer. Hollyhock is also known as Alcea rosea. This old-fashioned pass-along plant has absolutely caught the hearts of many. It can also grow from 3 to 8 feet. Enjoy loads of different colorful options when planting it. Stick with your favorite kind and show off its beauty.

This is a genus of over 80 species of flowering plants in the mallow family Malvaceae.

15. Horned Violet

Horned Violet
Image Source:@between.gardens

Give it time and be gentle when it comes to this bright blue gorgeous flower. The soil should be rich in humus, loose and permeable, so that waterlogging does not form. Make sure that you are gentle with it and its planting since it is a fragile flower. This unique violet will leave your visitors breathless.

Horned violet is perennial, herbaceous plants that impress with a long flowering period.

16. Hosta Flower

Hosta Flower
Image Source:@flowersradiatebeauty

Plant this beauty and give it the needed attention. It will blossom the best as you give it sun. They are also known as Plantain lilies. You should know that every hosta plant grows flowers once approached and maintained the right way. It also blooms in an impressive way as it grows.

Hostas bloom for about three weeks, usually somewhere between May and September.

17. Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth Flower
Image Source:@kimberlyreneephotos

Play with different kinds of colors. You will find this gorgeous beauty in 5+ different shades. Do not overwater this flower! They must have cold temperatures of 40 to 45°F for at least 12 to 14 weeks. Hyacinths bloom just once per year (in the spring), but they will happily bloom again in subsequent years if provided with the proper care.

The Hyacinth bulb produces a dense, compact spike of flowers, 6-12 inches (15-30 cm) tall.

18. Hybrid Tuberous Begonia

Hybrid Tuberous Begonia
Image Source:@waltermoretti1987

There is a lot of different species of this flower out in the nature. Stick to pink if you enjoy pastel and light colors. There are several common types of begonias, including tuberous begonias, rex, angel wings, wax, and winter-flowering varieties. Picking out just one to plant may take some time & patience, but we recommend this hybrid!

Begonia can grow from 8 inches to 2 feet in height, depending on the species.

19. Henbane Flower

Henbane Flower
Image Source:@hilstar221

If you enjoy unique and mystical-looking flowers you’re going to adore this unique plant! This flower is also known as Hyoscyamus spp. The Greeks and Gauls poisoned their arrows and javelins with a decoction of henbane. They can be tricky to handle or poisonous if not handled the right way. However, if you want the best of the best and something that is really rare to find, give it a go with Henbane!

The plants grow up to 36 inches tall and have hairy leaves that are sticky to the touch.

20. Hardy Primrose Flower

Hardy Primrose Flower
Image Source:@farmingtongardens

Cute yellow, orange & soft color combo that will look the best in your garden, but can also look good in a bouquet. Primrose is available in 400+ species. This flower will bloom early spring to late summer. Once it blooms you will enjoy it for 6 months straight.

The petals on the blossoms can stand for all of the various stages of life, including birth, life itself, consummation, and of course, death.

Any True Flower Lovers Out There?

If you are a true flower lover and you want to buy or plant some of these gorgeous flowers, give it a go! You will enjoy at least one of these 35 flower ideas. Which one smells and looks the best according to you? Let us know!

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