Do you know how many different kinds of flowers are there that start with the letter d? Perhaps you don’t, which is why we’re going to enlighten you and talk about all the different kinds of flowers that may intrigue you. Keep on reading and browse through some of the coolest and cutest designs and pictures down below.


1. What Are Some Flowers That Start With The Letter D?

There are loads of different flowers out in the market. Finding your perfect go-to kind for at-home use or garden use can be tricky. However, that is why you’re going to enjoy our detailed list. Some of the most popular flowers that we are going to talk about are:

  • Dahlia
  • Daisy
  • Daphne
  • Delphinium
  • Desert rose
  • Dianthus
  • Dutch Iris
  • Datura
  • Didiscus
  • Drumstick
  • Daffodil
  • Daylily
  • Desert marigold
  • Dew flower
  • Digitalis
  • Dutchman’s breeches

2. Is It Hard To Keep The Flowers Alive & Fresh?

It doesn’t have to be. Do you have any type of experience when it comes to plants and gardening? If so, you’re going to enjoy this process. In most cases, you’re going to need soil, water, canister, as well as a bit of time and patience. The best part about most of these flower kinds is that they can be watered and taken care of only for a couple of months within a year. You don’t have to spend more than one hour a week for your garden kinds.

3. Who Can Plant Flowers?

Men and women who are looking for a fun hobby will enjoy trying out planting and gardening. Also, if you want to add more elegance and character to your home you’re going to enjoy planting 2-3 different kinds of flowers in your home, backyard, or garden. You will also add a lot of scents to your rooms, so why not give it a go? If you have a bit of soil and land you can plant different kinds. Look for short, stocky plants with few flowers and healthy, disease-free foliage. Make sure that you are up for a challenge since some flowers can’t withstand poor and heavy weather conditions.

Top 16 Flowers That Start With D

1. Dahlia Flower

Dahlia Flower
Image Source:@iand.49

Colorful and vibrant! The perfect little flower to have in your home and your garden. The cutest red and pink color combo as well. In colder zones, lift your dahlias after the first frost! Most varieties grow 4 to 5 feet tall, and they can be a bit more high-maintenance and time-consuming. Choose a location with a bit of protection from the wind. There’s no need to water the soil until the dahlia plants appear; in fact, overwatering can cause tubers to rot.

Fun fact: Dahlias are thought to originate in Mexico and are that country’s national flower

2. Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower
Image Source:@kirti7s

This cute purple daisy will blossom in its full glory and in this light lilac shade. Show that you see the purity and that you’re someone who can take care of such a high-maintenance flower. Bright, cheerful, and easy to grow, the flowers are readily identifiable and you can find them in loads of different countries, states, as well as a cute sweet little addition to your bouquet.

Gerbera daisies are available in shades of eight colors: yellow, white, pink, salmon, lavender, red, orange and bicolor.

3. Daphne Flower

Daphne Flower
Image Source:@makinggardens

Do you like daphne flowers? If so this beauty will intrigue you. Light pink with a hue of purple and white will seek and attract looks for sure. This cute and feminine woodland shrub will need a bit of shade. Do not overwater them and keep them in check regularly. You can grow them from seed and invest in this process and approach in late summer. Ask for a bit of help from your florist when it comes to their maintenance and a longer lifespan.

Daphne is the symbol for immortality, while the laurel symbolizes victory.

4. Delphinium Flower

Delphinium Flower
Image Source:@doheunjoo

Delphinium flowers are so simple yet sweet and gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree? Delphiniums are a favorite of many gardeners, but can sometimes be a challenge to take care of and maintain. They prefer moist, cool summers and do not fare well in hot, dry weather. The plants also dislike sudden wind or rain. Make sure that you are well-aware of your approach and use the right tools for their upkeep.

There are over 400 species of Delphiniums.

5. Desert Rose Flower

Desert Rose Flower
Image Source:@jemcat_81

Desert rose will not need as much maintenance and it will look feminine and gorgeous in any scenario! There are approximately 5 cms long, and can reach a diameter of nearly 7 cm. Although called a rose, this is not a rose (funny enough). It also has no thorns, which makes the maintenance a bit easier and pain-free. This is why some people prefer it a lot more than your typical rose flowers.

The desert rose (Adenium obesum) is a striking plant with succulent stems and deep red flowers.

6. Dianthus Flower

Dianthus Flower
Image Source:@theplantedterrace

This dianthus flower is so cute in its purple color combo! Full of life and it will look even better once it blossoms. Dianthus plants range from tiny creeping groundcovers to 30-inch-tall cut flowers, which are a favorite with florists. They are not too pricey to go for or find at your flower shop, which is why you’re going to like them as a common present or gift for your loved ones.

Dianthus flowers are typically patterned in shades of pink but can also be white, purple, yellow, orange or red in colour.

7. Dutch Iris Flower

Dutch Iris Flower
Image Source:@tatsuyakinko

Dutch Iris is such a popular kind of flower that you are going to spot everywhere! Dutch Irises fancy a spot where they will receive sun for all or most of the day. If you live somewhere where there’s a lot of sunlight, you’re going to like planting this beauty. Allow your Dutch Irises to rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle. You will enjoy their beauty at any given moment, as well as their elegant color combo.

Dutch iris, also known as Iris hollandica, have orchid-like flowers with silky petals.

8. Datura Flower

Datura Flower
Image Source:@mollyzimmerart

Look at all these cool colors and concepts and find your coolest pure white flower for outdoor garden use. Several Datura species are collected for use as drugs, and others are cultivated for their showy flowers. If you are a good florist or someone who knows how to take care of plants, you will know how to tell apart and still use both of these for their own ways.

Datura is a genus of nine species of poisonous, vespertine-flowering plants belonging to the nightshade family Solanaceae.

9. Didiscus Flower

Didiscus Flower
Image Source:@terlingwindmillgarden

Light pink over blue Didiscus will seek attention and attract looks at any point of the year. Didiscus (Trachymene coerulea) is a sweetly fragrant, lacy cut flower with strong, stiff stems and it also has a very good vase life. This flower is also commonly found in a lot of our favorite scents or fragrances. If you like unique sweet flowers – plant it right away!

This is a sweetly fragrant, lacy cut flower with strong, stiff stems and a very good vase life.

10. Drumstick Flower

Drumstick Flower
Image Source:@s_moore956

This floral creation can be used as a decorative flower but also in your home and kitchen use! A perennial that is native to New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania. This is a brilliant 1″ yellow sphere-colored flower with striking beauty that you can use in the garden or in fresh or dried bouquets. A rare flower that has a gorgeous color and feminine scent and vibe to it.

Drumsticks flowers are also added to gravies. They are also used to prepare curries and cakes.

11. Daffodil Flower

Daffodil Flower
Image Source:@tayviewgarden

You will find this flower mostly around the Spring season. Daffodils are a fall-planted bulb, so plant them in autumn and they will bloom in late winter or early spring. It also has six petals and a unique trumpet-shape with leafless stems. They are robust, live a long life, and easy to propagate with proper flower care. Make sure that you take your time with them just to get introduced and informed on all of their basic upkeep rules.

According to legend, if you see the first daffodil, your next 12 months will be filled with wealth.

12. Daylily Flower

Daylily Flower
Image Source:@nottuss

Such a popular flower in Italy and Slovenia that you will easily spot in most gardens. Daylilies produce large, colorful flowers that will return year after year with minimal care. Did you know that this beauty can also reach a height of 6 feet?! Always water it until the soil is well and properly saturated. They also smell divine, perfect for your home or garden show-off moments!

The name comes from the Greek words ἡμέρα (hēmera) “day” and καλός (kalos) “beautiful”.

13. Desert Marigold Flower

Desert Marigold Flower
Image Source:@alieshaswonder

Enjoy this bright yellow flower in your home. You’ll find it in the US & Mexico often. The desert-marigold is an annual or short-lived perennial. Botanically called Baileya multiradiata, desert marigold flower is also called paper daisy, as mature blooms have a papery texture. The plant ranges across southern Arizona north into southern Nevada and southwestern Utah.

Desert marigolds are considered perennial plants and therefore live for more than two growing seasons. They can grow to be 1-2 feet tall and 2 feet across.

14. Dew Flower

Dew Flower
Image Source:@marcelberrevoetsphotography

A feminine and light pop of color! Gorgeous pink/lilac duo that you’re going to enjoy any-time and anywhere. You will love it in a bouquet as well. Dew flower is also known and called Penstemon cobaea. It is a gorgeous, unique, fiery and silky succulent that is popular in southern Africa. It is a gorgeous and gracious flower that is very rare to find. Water it often if you do get a chance to maintain this flower.

This beauty has shiny dark green leaves and purple, pink, or white flowers on spike-like panicles in mid-spring. It grows to 2.5 feet tall.

15. Digitalis Flower

Digitalis Flower
Image Source:@il_giardino_di_argilla

This flower loves to shower often and it enjoys rain, as well as humidity with the right circumstances. Digitalis purpurea is also known as a foxglove. Foxgloves typically grow to a height of 45 to 150 cm. This is such a common garden ornamental that you will easily plant and find out in the wild. In the past it was used in medicine for loads of different purposes, such as to treat different heart or skin conditions.

Leaves are spirally arranged at the base of the plant. Foxglove produces 20 to 80 purple-pink flowers arranged in the form of long spike.

16. Dutchman’s Breeches Flower

Dutchman’s Breeches Flower
Image Source:@keara.giannotti

So cute and truly feminine! You will like this beauty if you’re in the mood for light yellow and bouquet options. This flower is also known as Dicentra cucullaria. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, native to rich woods of eastern North America. It flowers early in the spring when sunlight hits the woodland and they can reach up to 12 inches of height. You will find it in the woods and enjoy their graciousness! Be gentle in case you do find them.

This plant that gets its name from the flowers that dangle down.

Which Flower Was Your Favorite?

Which flower creation was your favorite out of all of these? As you can see, we have a lot to offer! Are you a nature lover yourself, and are you ready to plant some of these in your backyard? Maybe you just want to place them in your vase and show them off at your living room? Let us know which flower you naturally gravitate toward the most, we can’t wait to see your preference and style.

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